Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Somebody Call the Po-Po"

My little 1997 Camry is a speed demon. This car drives so smooth you feel like your flying. 70 mph feels like 40 mph. That's why I blame it all on the Toyota...and Christina Aguilera and Pitbull. No offence to them, but their music typically makes my skin crawl. But for some reason "Feel This Moment" just works---like pretzels and sprite. What is the point of them unless they are together?
In all for realness though, I do take this very seriously and I take full and complete blame for my actions. I was speeding...Mea culpa. I have been a car owner for 9 whole days before I saw the red and blue lights flash  in my rear view mirror. Being the recovering legalist that I am, my first thought was, "I deserve this. I deserve a ticket. Justice must be served." I do believe in justice and I do believe in consequences and, had he given me ticket, I would have accepted it and paid it all by my self rightgeous self. I have many family member's in law enforcement, so I have a high respect (read "dumbfounded awe") of them. The cop was much more merciful and gracious towards me than I was towards myself.
I kept a stiff upper lip and was polite and friendly and looked him in the eye and even made him laugh a few times. We're BFF's now and he let me off easy....just a warning.

This morning I drove my old lady car like an authentic Delray snow bird: 5 miles under the speed limit. Penance.

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