Monday, April 15, 2013


This is just a random "life" post:

-Last night I had a dream that I was driving along or being driven by an invisible chauffeur (that part kept changing back and forth). I drove past a lost German shepherd puppy, and grabbed the bag of dog treats I keep in my glove compartment. I really do keep dog treats in the car, just in case. At first, it looked like he trusted me, but at the last moment he ran off into the road and got hit by a semi truck. That was traumatizing. My dream continued. I drove past a baby alligator. He was a lot easier to catch than the dog, but when I grabbed him and he gnashed his hideous teeth and my hand clenched down on his jaw to prevent him biting me I thought, "Oh, crap. Now what?" Obviously I couldn't let go of my grip unless I wanted to be infected. Thank goodness that this was the point where my invisible chauffeur finally committed and took over the driving. We drove around frantically and I held my grip tightly around his mouth all the while. Apparently, the pound and humane society do not take in stray gators. I began to panic. I knew that if I let this creature loose in the wild he would find me and bite me and then I would be infected with the 32 bacteria that gators carry. So I held his mouth shut and we continued to look. Finally, we found this guy that lived in a cabin in the woods and took in baby alligators. We had to be let in through the electric fence and he had kangaroos kept in a kennel. I suppose this should have been a red flag, but I was so sick of holding this gator and I just had to make sure that it was safe. Maybe I felt guilty that the German shepherd died and I couldn't save him and this was me somehow making up for it....Anyways, We went into his cabin and I accidentally dropped the gator in the sink just as the guy switched on the garbage disposal. So, yeah.....that was weird.

-My coworker asked me why I don't have a boyfriend the other day. I get this question a lot and honestly have no idea how to respond especially when she says it like this, "Lyndsay, you need a boyfriend! Why don't you have one? I mean you know how to cook and you bake cupcakes and crochet and have perfect teeth!" I just stared blankly. I mean, what do I say to that? I had no idea that crocheting harry potter scarves and having a nice smile were the criteria for being perfect girlfriend material.

-People keep randomly and out-of-the-blue telling me that I need to step out of my comfort zone and that they feel an adventure is waiting for me. And, I mean OUT OF NO WHERE. I met this lady last night and within 5 minutes of being introduced she told me to be courageous and do something brave. I have no idea what this adventure is, but I find it terrifying, and I think that it's rather odd that this keeps happening to me.

- I have noticed planking squirrels all over the place. They're just laying there face-down on the telephone wires....Waiting. I don't trust them. Tree rats.

- It looks like my whole family is going to MN this August. What?!?!?! We sort of officially decided it last week, and we only have a couple hundred dollars more to save. And, just this weekend I made $130 extra from babysitting. God provides.

-I posted this picture at the end of my "The 'Took' In Me" post. Maybe I'm just getting flaky and am thinking that now everything is a sign, but this open gate gave me goosebumps and made me want to walk through it and see what's on the other side. Don't worry people, I won't make any rash life decisions based on pretty pictures that give me the warm-fuzzies.

"Every single day, do something that makes your heart sing",


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