Monday, March 11, 2013


I feel like I have changed drastically in the past year...I think mostly in good ways. But still, some mornings I wake up and wonder at who I have become. Here are some things I have learned/am learning about life & myself:

1.) Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Sometimes I need to push myself to do things even if they go completely against my personality. One little push and a small act of bravery can grow you up overnight.

2.) I need to be creative to maintain my sanity. I need to make time to create, otherwise I feel like I'm drowning. For me, making time has meant setting my alarm one hour earlier, so I can see the sun rise as I sip my coffee and listen to music and write each morning.

3.) I also need routine and schedules to maintain my sanity. I need a bedtime and I need to wake up at a set time even on weekends, otherwise I am an emotional, foggy brained mess. I need to write lists and print spreadsheets and check off my "to do's" and use highlighters and excel will forever be my best friend. I am just a happier and more productive person when my life is structured and orderly...and, I think that is okay.

4.) I cannot separate my everyday life from my spiritual life. And life is precious and everything has eternal value and you can't expect to grow without constant vigilance and blood, sweat, and tears.

5.) I can do that extra thing. I can make time and adjust my precious schedule if it means serving someone else. My schedule is not god and my spreadsheet is not the bible. I can change it as needed.

6.) Being self-aware is important. I need to understand myself and what makes me tick. I need to know myself physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Knowing who I am and why I am and understanding my humanity has been key in bettering myself. The truth is: I am human and flawed and I can't ignore that. Ignoring it makes change and growth impossible.

7.) Going through life looking for opportunities to learn can rock your world. Everyone you meet can teach you something and every experience you encounter can grow you if you are willing.

8.) Think before you speak. Words are powerful.

9.) Be kinder than you feel and smile often.

10.) Preach truth to yourself constantly. On the good days and on the bad days. You don't just need to hear it when life sucks. You need a Saviour everyday.

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