Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I most likely will not be posting often on The Linden Tree Isle for the next two weeks. I am going to spend nine days with some very dear friends in Minnesota. Here is a pitcure taken nearly 11 years ago of all of us together:

This was only a few days before they moved far, far away. I've only seen them twice since, and so you can imagine the excitement I am feeling right now.

I have a couple posts in progress right now, but after that I think I shall take a short break. Apparently Minnesota weather is about 50 or 60 degrees colder than sunny South Florida is. That means I am almost completely unprepared. I'll admit that my closet is far too full, but of shorts, sundresses, tank tops, and flip flops. Now I have a wonderful excuse to go shopping and buy some cute, new, WARM clothes!


  1. Hope you take lots of photos!(And have a great time)

    1. Thank you, Melanie! I am planning on taking lots of photos for sure. :)