Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When One Has Writer's Block...

...She posts a narcissistic post of random and uninteresting facts about herself. I think I need to stay up late chatting with Amanda. Those conversations always produce my better posts.

1. I am famous for getting song lyrics wrong..."Adios! Good bye Uncle Tito! I'm going home to se Ed." or "Toot sweet! Toot sweet! The venomous of the ma-toots that you eat!" or "Why should I worry? Why should I caaaaare. Nameenombavvv been saved and it's by faith and not by works." or "Tick tock rick tock in the pool again. Tick tock tick tock in the puhineeeeen." You will notice that when I can't think of an actual English word that fits into the lyrics, I just make up my own. In fact, I love to sing so much that I don't let a pesky little think like lyrics get in my way. If I don't know any of the lyrics, I just harmonize in my own language.

2. I got the accelerator and brake mixed up one time when I was learning how to drive. I went over the median and almost hit a tree.

3. I think eggs are the ultimate food and that is why I put them in everything. Seriously. I do. My sisters wondered why the hot chocolate was so rich and creamy. Eggs.

4. Carley tried to sum me up the other day. "You just love everybody and want to feed them all." Sounds about right.

5. I would much rather hang out with young children and babies than I would with my peers. I am perfectly content reading stories for hours, playing puzzles and princesses, and running through the park all day. Little kids are the best and I can't wait to be a mom. Also I think I may be developmentally stunted.

6. I buy copies of The Chronicles of Narnia, Charlotte's Web, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy  every time I see them. It's a weird quirk that I cannot control.

7.  My favorite kind of TV are sitcoms. Don't judge, but I think I have seen nearly every episode of "I Love Lucy", "The Andy Griffith Show", "The Brady Bunch", "Full House", "Friends", "The Office", "Parks & Recreation", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "King of Queens", "Seinfeld", and "The Middle".

8. I don't think my sister, Natalie, and I ever argued until we were in our tweens. We were angelic children to each other.

9. One time I scribbled all over my arms and legs with a sharpie and then tried to crawl to my room unnoticed. I was noticed and interrogated and I said that the marker fell on me and ink got everywhere... In the shape of smiley faces, rainbows, and puppies......suuuure.

10. I cut my hair with hedge shears when I was 7.

11. I begged God every night (2 years straight), and every time I walked by a fountain I would throw a penny in and wish for another sibling. And then Maggie came. :)

12. When I eat a Twix bar, I scrape off the caramel and spit it out. Why waste the calories? The cookie is all I care about. Gross, I know.

13. I don't have a favorite genre of movies or books. But all of my faves are character driven. People fascinate me.

14. I held and shot a gun for the first time when I was 20 years old. I felt empowered and so very bad ass.

15. I'm a saver and a deal finder. For example: I wore a dress that cost me $3.99 at Ross the other day, and the dress I'm wearing now was on clearance for $7.48.

16. One of the downsides to bargain shopping is that you don't always get the best quality stuff. I once bought 4 pairs of jeans for $4 each. All 4 of them split in the butt wen I was out in public.

16. I start Christmas shopping in September because I can't handle waiting any longer. Also, I make a color coded spreadsheet with every one's gifts to insure that I give them out in the right order.

17. I love makeup. Mascara and eyeliner are my best friends.

18. I save anything that may have sentimental value to it. I may go a little overboard from time to time, but not in a hoarding way. There are no cat skeletons, I promise. I save it all neatly tucked away.

19. I'm quiet and reserved and prefer to listen and observe over engaging in discussion. I don't feel like I know enough to contribute. But, I will always have something to say if the topic is either The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, or The Notebook. Don't even get me started!

20. One of my favorite things to do is clean. I love scrubbing and dusting and getting on my hands & knees and detailing.

21. I am incapable of staying awake through a movie unless the movie is character driven. Otherwise, I fall asleep within 5 minutes.

22. If I could meet any celebrity it would be Ellen. She is hilarious, kind, a great person, and an awesome dancer. Seriously, meeting Ellen is on my bucket list.

23. The other day I told my Mom about a delicious meal. I described it in great detail, "It was perfectly juicy and the sauce had just a touch of cayenne and tang and the tortilla was warm and all of it was seasoned with smoked yummy". She asked where I had eaten this meal. Ummm....I had a dream about it. I've never actually eaten it. This happens to me a lot.

23. I dream about a lot of other things too: Writing a book, Starring as Anne Bancroft or Florence Nightingale in a movie and then going on the Ellen show, being a foster mom, decorating my home someday, naming my children, opening a book shop/antique store/bakery, or meeting J.K Rowling and weeping on her shoulder because what else would I do?...just to name a few.

24. One time my diet coke spilled on my lap and I accidentally swerved and drove on the sidewalk. I don't think I've told anyone about that one yet....

25. I think that I have a refined and incredibly clever sense of humor. I also have an immature and stupid sense of humor. Unfortunately I am inhibited by social anxiety and no one gets to enjoy the genius comedian I am, save my family. It is rather infuriating that I am unable to be funny around anyone I don't know extremely well because I feel that humor is such a huge part of who I am and I feel sort of fake around people if that makes any sense.

Happy Wednesday! Two more days until a three day weekend! Praying for lots of sun so I can soak up some rays. all. day. every. day.


  1. I loved reading this one! Made me laugh! Made me look at my computer skeptically! Made me snort in collusion! Love that you have the energy to read or play princess --- that will never be me---I wish---it makes me sad. You will be a great mom--you will---you will worry and clean and love and read and play and cook and make up stories and make mistakes and use it all to be the best you can and forgive yourself for not being perfect. Kids will break your heart and fill it up at the same time. I want to be you when I grow up! LOL

    1. Brigid, I have A LOT of energy. I am an incredibly hyper person when I am in my element. Most people don't get to see that side of me since I turn into a timid mouse whenever around people.
      I cannot wait until I am a Mom. I know that it is the most terrifying, most important, most difficult job anyone woman could ever have. "Kids will break your heart and fill it up at the same time." I'm not a Mom yet, but even with the heart ache it all looks more than worth it to me. :)