Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Mickey Jar.

I had this idea a while back to have my friend's siblings come down to stay for a few days in the summer. We have had them stay a few times now, but I wanted this to be special and summery and awesome in every way. The problem, as it often is, was money. When you want to go to the beach and the water park and the movies and eat frozen yogurt and go on picnics and have a BBQ....that adds up pretty quickly especially when your talking about 5-7 people. But, I really wanted to make all of this happen. So I do what I always do in times like this. I got down out the old "Mickey Jar". This jar is a mason jar that was originally used to save pennies and babysitting money and change found in pockets for a trip to Disney World years back and so it was dubbed "The Mickey Jar". We have used it many times since to save for other fun things, and this time it's for our week of summer fun. This was two weeks ago. My initial goal that will cover one of the many things I want to do was $90. In less than seven days, between babysitting jobs and an unexpected gift, I had $90. I think God was telling me that he liked this plan and that he was going to make it happen. Since then I have had the opportunity to work extra at my job, and I also have a birthday coming up. Anywho, I just did the math and I'm set. I have a few extra bucks I need to save on my own, but the majority of it fell into my lap because God is good and he wants Jen and Matt to have an awesome summer and Matt to have an epic 13th birthday party at the water park.

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