Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Here.

Busy, busy, busy. Life has been jam-packed. I'm exhausted and feeling stretched thin...all good things, but tiring things. The torrential downpour of last Thursday left us with a cloudless sky: welcome tidings of summer's arrival.

It's here: sunshine and rain showers and blue skies and beach weather and the smell of sunscreen and grass clippings and the urge to have a picnic every weekend and spend every possible moment basking in the rays. My shoulders are freckled already. The car windows are rolled down and the radio is tuned into our Country station. The fruit is sweeter and my summertime craving for diet cola is coming on. Summer is a time to immerse yourself in books which is why I am going to the library on my way home from work tonight. It's a time to watch as many movies as you can and not feel guilty about it. It's when I wear little makeup because the glow of the sun on my cheeks is enough. It's a time to scrub down the grill and stock up on hot dogs and pickles and watermelon. Summer is here. The Fourth of July is but a few weeks away. We'll take our places at the peak of the roof to watch surrounding fireworks. Jenny and Matt will come down for a few days and we'll go to the water park, eat frozen yogurt, and go to the drive-in movie theater. Our lives will be full, brimming, and overflowing with fresh air, each other, and lazy afternoons....Just what I need.

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