Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Jerk

Remember this post?

Each month we order a birthday cake from Publix and the birthday people get sung to. I opted to stay at my desk today because I hate being the center of attention. The person mentioned in my previous post caught wind of that and of course called me and had everyone sing over the phone to me. He just loves to torment me in every way possible. I tried to laugh it off and said "thanks" to him. A few minutes later he came up to my desk and asked if I had finished blushing yet. Again I blushed, but this time I felt a little burst of courage and as he walked away I said to him, "You know, you can be kind of a jerk sometimes."....jerk isn't a nice word, I know. But, it was said in kindness and in a constructive and nice way. I wasn't name-calling.
He replied (in a indignant tone), "Really?!?" To which I replied, "Yeah. Maybe you were genuinely being nice when you had everyone sing to me, but making fun of me for blushing isn't funny and it's really kind of jerkish. I can't help that I blush." And then he laughed and walked away. And I smiled and lifted my head a little higher.

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