Friday, July 26, 2013

Pinterest Friday (Magic)

I was sitting in class at church the other morning when I had an obvious epiphany totally unrelated to the topic being taught. I do this quite often...don't tell my pastor. I just have a very active imagination and can easily distract myself.

I started daydreaming about fawns and fairies and dwarves and centaurs. I've always been very miffed that our world is so lacking in magical and fantastical creatures. But, then it struck me: I wonder if the people in other worlds marvel at these equisite creatures or just walk by them without a second glance because they have become so ordinary to them. I wonder if griffons and mermaids and unicorns are normal to them just like birds and horses and fish are normal to us. And, then I got miffed that these other people are surrounded by such beauty and give it no notice. But, aren't I just as guilty? Perhaps I am surrounded by just as much magic as they are, but they have become ordinary to me and forgotten. These other worldly people could be just as upset with me for not stopping and admiring the squirrels and dragonflies and frogs. I think that "magic" is just what is unatural and out of ordinary for us. But what is ordinary for us is extraordinay for someone else, so maybe we really are surrounded by magic and have just forgotten it. Maybe we need to wake up and notice and watch with glittering eyes. Maybe if we believe in magic we will find it in the most unlikely places: right before our very eyes.

A happy Friday to you all!

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  1. I lived in the mountains once. They were stunning--snow capped--rugged and coming from Ontario----the land of flat---it was amazing. But over the years I became indifferent to them. I stopped seeing their beauty and majesty. Then my mom came to visit and I saw them again through her eyes. Sometimes you only need a reminder to appreciate the beauty around you. I am happy to hear you were able to find a way to identify it yourself! Sounds like your church is a very reflective place where you feel comfortable enough to ask yourself some big questions! Awesome!