Monday, July 15, 2013

A good read for a monday morning.

A Prayer for You, Day

This is a prayer for today, which is to say it’s
a prayer for every day, since tomorrow can’t arrive
without becoming today and yet this day has
never existed before, which means…
I’ve been waiting for you all of my life.
May I stay here in you, day, where I belong
and not travel to tomorrow or yesterday in hopes
of changing what is already gone or hasn’t yet come
and can’t be rushed without mistakes.
I pray I won’t judge you halfway through as good
or bad or imagine that you should be other
than what you are, or decide in the afternoon
that the honeymoon is over and clearly you are
too hot or long or dull.
Today, may I welcome every moment you bring
as proof that life is right, and let me seize all your
wonders and all your ordinariness, too,
without demanding more.
Teach me to begin again and again,
like you do—your morning mercies fresh as
the heads of newborn babes who carry your scent
and make me want to start you all over again,
only more awake this time,
and more undone by you.

By Heather Kopp at

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