Saturday, July 6, 2013

Grabbing some good moments.

I took Monday and Tuesday off from work since we had my best friend and her siblings staying with us. I drove the siblings home (they live two hours away) on Tuesday and prayed through clenched teeth nearly the whole way there and back again. This has been a rainy summer, and it was pouring so hard that I couldn't even see well enough to pull over. As I was waiting at the light to the entrance of the highway I took a big gulp of soda. The light turned green mid-gulp and I panicked since merging into chaotic South Florida traffic makes me spaz and so without thinking I spat my mouthful of diet coke onto poor Jenny. She stared in disbelief and yelled, "What the heck?" to which I responded, "The light turned green! I didn't have time to swallow!" It was no use trying to explain that one away. I was pretty brutally made fun of the whole drive.

I worked Wednesday, and then got Thursday and Friday off. The Fourth of July was Thursday. I can't remember how she phrases it exactly, but Glennon at Momastery often says something like, "Don't worry about having the perfect day, just make sure to grab a few good moments." And, that's what I tried to do. The day didn't really go as planned and was pretty full of disappointment, but there were some special moments in there.

The Rosenthals swung by and we played party games.
Natalie and I ran out to grab soda (it's summer, and I am obsessed and addicted to diet coke.) where we discussed women's rights on the drive. I tried to explain my position, "I wouldn't really call myself a 'feminist', I would really just say that I'm 'right'." Yes, I am really that arrogant.
Natalie tried to pray before our meal, and we all got the giggles. I can't remember what was said, but it made it incredibly difficult to remain straight-faced.
And, then Natalie read us the Declaration of Independence while we ate. She like to do solemn, inspirational, traditional things like this. I stared at her awkwardly while she read all misty eyed and shaky voiced.
Maggie rescued a butterfly from a spiders web.
We spent the morning soaking up some rays at the beach.
We met up with the Rosenthals to watch fireworks later that night. We had fun, took lots of pictures, and I learned that I am not al that photogenic.

 Apparently, my left eye is much smaller than my right, and apparently it gets even smaller when I laugh.
Apparently I laugh like a jolly, one eyed cartoon character.

 Apparently I didn't look as cool as I felt when I pretended to summon my magical powers to throw a spectacular firework display. But, in all fairness they don't look all that hot either.

 Ehhh.....At least I didn't do this.
 :) I like this one.
I'm wind blown, crazy-eyed, but incredibly happy.

Speaking of crazy eyed. What the heck? I look deranged, ready to snap. Maybe that's because I was. This was at least our 59th attempt at a decent family snapshot. 

 At least both of my eyes are opened here.
Yay! We got a good one!

I went to bed last night writing this post in my head. I was planning on complaining. Yesterday was rainy. I didn't get anything accomplished even though I ran around like a crazy lady all day. I went to church all frazzled, uncaffeinated, and unprepared mentally. I stressed because it was a bunch of people and I was so not in the mood to see people. I felt awkward and second-guessed everything I did and everything I said. I came home feeling discouraged and swore off of human interaction forever. But, then I woke up and the sun is shining and there's no rain on the forecast. I feel better. So, I'll focus on the good moments and forgive and forget the awkward ones.


  1. Beautiful family! You are very photogenic (I know, we women are convinced we all look like crap in pictures....) but what shines through all of them is love......and that, my friend, is a beautiful thing!