Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Contagious

I have written over 3,000 words these past few days. There is an interesting discussion happening over at Momastery, and I got involved. All energy, thoughts, and wordiness has been spent over there.


When I was 12, things got bad at home. Things had been bad for a few years, but it all escalated and quickly became unbearable. We felt trapped. The prospect of a future in that hostile environment was bleak to say the least.

And, then a family we barely knew opened their home to us. They knew we needed an escape, and they provided one. They had a tiny townhouse, but gave us their entire top floor while all four of them slept in one room. They gave us shelter for four months. And it wasn't just them...many families and many friends did the same: For a week, a weekend, a night, a month....

What would have happened if someone hadn't stood up for us and saved us?

I have learned something from that experience: When someone empties themselves out for you and gives all that they can and then can't help but do the same for another. It's contagious.

I know for a fact that I give and love and do for others now because they gave and loved and did for me then.


Happy Friday! My people are coming tonight so I will be spending time with them for the next four days. See you on the flipside.

Good Day.

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