Thursday, February 28, 2013


Yesterday evening was full of some of my not so finer moments. I thought more than a few self-piteous thoughts:

...I had to wait 1 hour and 6 minutes past clocking out before Natalie picked me up.
...She insists that I-95 is the quickest route.
...It is not. Congress Ave. is. ( Congress: 18 minutes. I-95: 35 minutes)
...I am always right.
...I can’t believe that I still don't have a vehicle. God is teaching me patience. Whether or not I'm learning it is debatable.
...To avoid being the last person to leave and having to set the alarm at work (I treat alarms like the plague) I waited outside. In the rain. By myself.
...Delray is not the safest area.
...Rainy parking lots at twilight make me feel even less safe.
...Note to self: get a gun.
...6:45 pm: Is this rain on my face or are these tears? Pathetic.
...6:55 pm: gggrrrgglllrrgglgggllrr....I'm so hungry, I'm going to die. Literally.
...Nat pulls in at 6:06 pm.
...Hey! Let's do something fun for the girls she says! Let's get them a movie and Chick-Fil-A she says! It will be fun she says!
...I don't have to cook so I agree.
...Blockbuster. Check.
...Movie. 1/2 off. Maybe the universe doesn't hate me?!?
...In line at CFA: Carley calls. She is reheating last night’s soup.
...Way to go, Carley! Good job spoiling our surprise! (BTW: They didn't even watch the movie last night.)
...Come home. I eat the world’s best vegetable soup and a grilled cheese. The heavens opened and the sun shined bright. Not really. But, in my world it did.
...Still raining. Oh, well. We need 1/2 & 1/2 and bananas. I'll brave the storm.
...First I stop at Plato's Closet and spend practically no money on some adorable clothes. Win.
...Target. I spend way too much time there. I pretend shop (fill my buggy with everything I would buy if I threw responsability to the wind...and then I put all but the bananas, creamer, and some makeup).
...Check out, walk to the car, step in an ankle deep puddle, and ruin my new pair of shoes.
...It's pouring still. I'm searching my purse. Where are my keys?
...Oh! They are on the seat of the locked car where you left them when you were distracted by a phone call.
..."Mom??? Can you get me? I'm stupid and it's raining and I locked my keys in the car. This is the second time I've been stuck in the rain in under three hours."
...20 minutes later. "Mom??? Where are you? We live literally 2 minutes away from Target."
...Apparently, Nat drove to rescue me. She forgot her cell phone to call me, so she just left the key under the tire and went back home.
...I lug a bunch of shopping bags to the car and in the pouring rain (and a very restricting pencil skirt) climb under the car to retrieve the key.
...I drive home and cry. No, weep. The mascara dripping, blubbering kind of weep.
...A hot shower and conversation with God, a fizzy cup of cola, and Miss Congeniality 2 make me begin to wonder if it really might be all right in the end.
...Last night I fall asleep, "I'll laugh about this eventually."
...This morning I woke up with a laugh.

Sometimes I overreact. Sometimes I lose heart. Sometimes it's over the most trivial of things. But "Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning." 

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