Friday, December 23, 2011

A Very Simple Christmas

The Christmas season has been delightful. I tried (and very nearly succeeded) in keeping things more simple this year. I normally go crazy with the gift giving aspect of Christmas. I LOVE to go shopping in old book stores, thrift stores, and yard sales to find the perfect gift for someone. But earlier this year we decided that we should focus more on making memories and enjoying the season. And so we did.
I got nearly all my shopping and wrapping done early, and I spent the rest of my time just having fun.
We looked at Christmas lights with friends, went to Hoffman's chocolate factory on two different occasions with friends to look at their Christmas display and drink cocoa, we had people over, we went to people's houses, we exchanged gifts with friends, we watched countless Christmas movies, We baked cookies, we ate cookies, I made Christmas presents for's been wonderful!

A merry Christmas to you all!

P.S. It's 81 degrees outside and humid. I feel like I need to share that. There is nothing like Christmas in South Florida!

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