Friday, December 9, 2011

This week...

I made this first pumpkin pie of the year. I use the recipe on the side of the pumpkin can only I added extra spices and instead of evaporated milk, I use heavy whipping cream. It was ah-mazing.

We decorated our tree (I'll post a picture soon). It is gorgeous. Covered in red berries, ribbons, and beautiful ornaments we've collected over the years.

I finished Christmas shopping (almost). I'll be spending the weekend in my bedroom listening to classical music and getting a backache from all the wrapping.


The weather has been most un-chrsitmasy. It was very chilly yesterday morning, but for the most part it's been in the 80's with dreary skies and murky puddles. Every once in a while there is a cool breeze that catches you by surprise. I would find the weather to be pleasant any other time of the year. But right now I am wanting clear, blue skies and crisp, cool air. Oh well...


Counting my blessings...

18. Cellophane. It make me so happy. I just love the crinkly noise and shininess, and how it wraps up brightly colored candies with those cute little twists on either end.

19. The beautiful picture of Frankfurt I found at a yard sale last Saturday for $2 (picture to come)

20. Cuddling under blankets to watch old Christmas movies.

21. My coworkers, especially Annie and Liz. They are some of the sweetest people. They never let a good job go unnoticed, and always show their gratitude. I'm so glad I get to work with them.


  1. Hey, you're too young to get a backache wrapping Christmas presents! Just kidding. I get a neck ache. Sounds like you had a good week full of blessings.

  2. After wrapping 25 presents in an hour, even the youngest and healthiest of people are bound to get a back ache. :)
    My family gets eachother lots and LOTS of little things each year, so I still have several more gifts to wrap. I remember one year my Mom got us a box full of our favorite things all wrapped up in "brown paper packages tied up with strings". We got angel hair pasta, my favorite cereal, and split pea soup. Just fun little things, but it's so pretty to have so many presents under the tree even if they are full of socks and cheese puffs and stuff. :)