Thursday, December 1, 2011


Friends of ours are in the process of becoming foster parents. They've asked Natalie and I to be their babysitters. I am so excited to be able to help even in such a small way. Yesterday, we all went up to Child & Family Connections to get fingerprinted.
Since we were already up in Jupiter, Nat and I met up with my Mom and sisters and went over to City Place for the evening. Everything was decorated for Christmas. There was a 30 ft. tree, poinsettias, Christmas lights, music, an "ice" skating rink, and snow!!!! Actually it was just sudsy bubbles that blew out of a machine and made our hair all sticky and frizzy, and made our eyes sting as it landed on our faces. But, if you ignored that and stared at the black sky as white flurries danced in the was rather magical. If you can't have real snow this time of year, then I guess soap is the next best thing.
Anyways, we had fun. We walked around some and then went home to chocolate snowball cookies.

Counting my blessings:

13. Crisp wind blowing through your curtains as you fall asleep.

14. The smell of pine.

15. Juicy, fresh cantaloupe.

16. Friends that are joyfully opening their home to children in need.

17. Annie Hall's butter cookies

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